Project︎The Arrivals Pop Up 2018
Location ︎ 67 Greene Street, New York City, NY 10012
Design ︎ Lotte van Velzen
Client ︎ The Arrivals NYC
Area ︎ 3000 sq ft / 280 m2
Completed ︎ Oct 11, 2018

2018 - Based inside an existing storefront with brick walls and concrete floors, the space was overhauled with white walls, a black ceiling, and 36 micro-fluorescent tube lights overhead, providing an industrial base for the rosy-hued installation inside. Pink, air-filled walls, formed by ultra-long tubes stacked atop one another, attached to the existing brick walls with anchor points. Are keeping in line with the concept store’s temporary design. Totaling 79, 12 inch diameter inflatable tubes, which are individually aerated via an automatic valve, and will keep an airtight pressure throughout the duration of the 5-month pop up.